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Your Healthcare Social Media and Google + : It’s More than Just a Facebook Knockoff

No one is busier than a medical professional like you; so why add Google+ to your healthcare social media to-do list? Though still relatively untested, Google+ has already proven itself to be much more than just a Facebook knockoff.

Four factors that make Google+ a must for your social media toolbox have to do with SEO and how people find their way to your content.

Superior Search Results Quality

When Google sees a profile where the owner only votes and shares for things on one website, it recognizes them as a spammer. In the same way it is suspicious of a profile dominated by +1s.  Google search also penalizes profiles that only follow other profiles that exhibit the same behavior. The bottom line is obvious; Google+ content, links, and votes have superior SEO quality.

Improved Google Intelligence

Google+ provides a wealth of elements that allow Google to recognize trends about what people are interested in more rapidly. When you use Google+ on a regular basis search engines can not only see what you are reading or sharing with friends, but also which of those friends are most important to you.  This means:

  • Google previously only had a general vision of your followers on Twitter.  Now it can see directly how you interact with those followers. If you frequently share links with one specific Google+ circle, the search engine sees that and responds to it.
  • Google is gaining deeper insight into how users share and discuss things on the internet.  By combining Google+ and Search it now owns a complete picture.  Because of this Google now knows which friends you trust and respond to the most. It also knows which blogs your prefer.
  • All of this adds up to more visibility for you among searchers interested in what you are interested in.

Changes in How You Get Traffic

Google +1 buttons appear in Google’s search results. They also can be embedded in your web site and blog. A +1 button is linked to a destination page address just like a tweet or share.  A count of how many people have clicked your +1 also appears.

Hubspot did a recent test to gauge the real value of a +1 button. It looked at its entire customer base of over 5,000 businesses. The test involved comparing referral traffic levels from (Google+) for websites that have Google’s +1 button installed to those that don’t.

Websites that use Google’s +1 button generated 3.5 times more traffic from Google+ than websites that didn’t have the button installed.

Improved Click-Through Rates

The +1 button is a powerful influencer of click-throughs. People can see in one quick glance if a link or comment is popular without clicking through to the site. Access to this insight strongly encourages searchers to click on specific “good” pages and ignore those that are not as popular with their readers.


Google+ is not exactly like any other social network out there. It has the clout to affect our search habits, and the search engine giant is not hesitant to use that clout to its advantage to penetrate the social media universe.

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