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Stealth Marketing Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

After decades of radio and television, people have come to except advertising. Sometimes, they even find the ads more entertaining than the actual program. The same is not true for most Internet users. Speed and usefulness are the key characteristics the typical Internet user is looking for. That is why pop-up ads and other intrusive marketing techniques never get the return on investment users expect. Because of the nature of the Internet and the mindset of its users one has to develop a different tact.

Here are some stealth marketing ideas for plastic surgeons that will set your efforts apart from competitors.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are both excellent marketing tools but only when you understand that old media advertising methods have minimal return when used in social media. To make Facebook and Twitter work for you in marketing you need to practice the 90/10 rule. In both your Tweets and Facebook comments, 90% should be useful content and 10% marketing.

This isn’t exactly stealth but is much less obtrusive than a constant barrage of tweets and Facebook comments that come across as one unending ad. The things learned from our post, What Prospective Clients Want from Plastic Surgery Websites must be practiced in social media. What Internet users want most is useful content. Make those comments and tweets valuable and the few marketing messages you place will be much better received.

Twitter Mining

Learn how to do Twitter searches for key words that pertain to your practice. Be creative. Search for phrases like “thinking about Botox” and reply with a link to your site.

Gmail Advertising

You can place ads inside of Gmail messages using the Google Adwords system. The pay-per-click rates are very low and competition is almost non-existent. As an added bonus this technique also shows your ads when people are reading the email newsletters they get from other plastic surgeons.


This marketing idea will make your practice seem much larger than it really is by making your ads follow people around the Internet to whatever website they visit.

  • Retargeting keeps track of visitors to your site and then displays your ads to them as they visit other sites. Only about 2% of visitors convert on their first visit to a plastic surgeon’s website. Retargeting keeps you in front of that 98% that didn’t convert the first time around.
  • Retargeting works by placing a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website. The code creates a list of people who visited your site by placing anonymous “cookies” in their browser. You will need a third party that specializes in this but it works

Pop Unders

Forget popups. As noted earlier, too many of these can be a definite turn off to web visitors. But pop unders are a different story. Again, this requires a third party service but is highly effective in conserving visitors that leave your site without answering a call to action.

These work because many web users allow third party apps and programs on their computer. Many of these are free to the user but contain ads. By contracting with a pop under service you can cause your ad to appear at the top or bottom of competitor’s sites that you designate.

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