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Quick Ways to Increase your Presence on Facebook and Google

It’s no secret that Google search bots love social media. Encouraging activity on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter will influence your rankings in a positive way. Here are a few simple things you can do to quickly increase your social media presence.

Feature Facebook “Like” buttons at the top and the bottom of each post. The best option is to use the thumbnails. They are less obtrusive but almost every Facebook user knows what to do with them,

Use Tags. They work like @Mentions on Twitter. When you post a comment, begin it with a @UserName. Just start typing someone you want to mention and a list will begin to pop up to choose from. This is a great way to offer thanks or give some other acknowledgment to a follower.

Add the Facebook Comments plug-inmore Facebook comments mean better Google page rankings. Some say this slows their site down a bit so experiment with it for a while. If it boosts your Facebook traffic significantly it may be worth it.

Respond to all Facebook comments on your blog. If you decide to use the Facebook Comments plug-in you might as well take full advantage of it. If anything, respond to these first because of potential for a greater follower response.

Engage your Facebook followers. Ask questions, post surveys, post a fun video from time to time, link to some interesting piece of information. In short, make it interesting to see what you are talking about.

Give away something. Offer a gift certificate only to fans that visit your Facebook business page.

Chat With your Fans. Facebook chat isn’t much to look at, but free ad-ons like Clobby Chat are great. Clobby offers a way to chat with followers from your own page within a simple chat tab. Your pages can be transformed into a platform for followers to chat and invite their friends to join in.

Host a Live Event on Your Business Page. Vpype Live™ bills itself as “the only live, interactive video broadcast application made just for Facebook!” And they’re right. Vpype requires no download and can be added directly to your Facebook profile.

Involve your fans. Seek suggestions for future blog posts. When a suggestion is used, feature the fan and post on your Facebook business page.

Add a Google+ plug-in. That’s right, Facebook may not like it, but here is a new kid on the block. GoogleCards is a simple WordPress widget that allows fans to join your Google+ circles directly from your blog.

Add a Google+ Page. Google has finally introduced their business pages. This means you can now create a branded page for your practice. Whether Google gives more weight in searches to Google+ content is debated. But as the old saying goes, it can’t hurt.

Export your Facebook Followers to Google+. Why wait for your current followers to find you on Google+? It requires a bit of work but can be done. You can import your Facebook friends to a Yahoo! e-mail account. Once imported into Google+ you can then delete those names from your Yahoo! e-mail contacts.

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