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Putting Pinterest to Work in your Healthcare Social Media

Pinterest is a visual social network, so you will need to create a pinboard that highlights some of your best visual content. A lot of big brands are taking notice of the power of online visual content for marketing and the emotions images elicit in readers. Instagram is one platform that has contributed to this movement and enabled real businesses to leverage photos as an inbound marketing mechanism.

Visual content you already have

Someone at your last holiday party must have grabbed a few photos, right? If so, make a board to showcase your clinic’s culture and pin them. Have staff headshots? Create a “Staff Board” and include a bio for each person.

Strong visuals from Blog Posts

Use clear, attractive images in your blog articles with the point of pinning them to your pinboards. You should be using images in your blog articles anyway! Pin visuals that best highlight your written content.

Infographics & Data Charts

Infographics are hot right now, and they are doing very well on Pinterest. If you have any data that you can visualize, do so before someone beats you to it.

Ebooks and Book Covers

Have you released an ebook or a white paper recently? Take a screenshot of it and add it to a board that’s a collection of papers. This will help you establish your thought leadership on Pinterest.

Photos of your Staff and Clients

Promoting your happy clients is a great way to create a positive sentiment around your brand. Encourage your clients to send you photos (or take photos of them at your next open house.) Create a board of their smiling faces along with interior shots of your clinic.

Ways to Create Interest and Followers

Add a Pin-It Button to Your Website

Make it easy for website visitors to share your visual content or images on Pinterest by adding a “Pin It” button to your site. Just like other social media sharing buttons, this will help to expose your brand to a new audience.

User-Generated Pin board

By enabling other users to contribute their own pins to your pinboards, you open up a great opportunity to involve fans and clients in your marketing. Pick out a few of your top evangelists or clients, and create a board dedicated to their pins. Ask them to pin images that showcase the lifestyle they enjoy because of your brand. This is a great way to leverage patient testimonials in a unique and visual way.


Hold a contest that asks users to create a pinboard on their own account to demonstrate what they love about your brand and services. Ask them to send you a link to their pinboard so you can evaluate entrants, and the best board wins a prize!

You can also re-pin the best boards to your own Pinterest page and ask followers to vote on the boards to select the winner. Be sure and review Pinterest’s guidelines for contests before getting started.

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