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Doctors, Social Media, and Digital Darwinism

The busy world of a medical professional doesn’t leave time to look much further ahead than today’s patient schedule. We at MdWebPro understand this and are constantly looking for ways to keep you abreast of the latest trends in Inbound Internet Marketing and Social Media.

A term that is making its way around these days is Digital Darwinism. This speaks to the fact that society and technology are evolving faster than many companies and medical professionals can adapt. When it comes to marketing via the Internet, part of your task is to determine what causes prospects to connect and how their social conversations influence your brand.

Brian Solis, tackles the reality of Digital Darwinism in his new book, The End of Business as Usual.  In this ground breaking work, he cautions that businesses that embrace and adapt to digital revolution will survive the perpetual threat of digital Darwinism, and those that do not will die!

Digital Darwinism and Failure to Adapt

A prime example of a business that failed to adapt is Blockbuster. When it filed for bankruptcy in 2010, analysts recognized that its predicament had more to do with the radical shift in “how people watch video” than with their fiscal issues.

Blockbuster made the crucial mistake of exhibiting indifference to their customers’ collective experiences and thus refusing to adapt to their needs. During that same time period, Netflix embraced the culture of innovation and turned home video into the kind of experience customers wanted.

The moral of the Blockbuster’s failure is that when businesses underestimate the power of the connected consumer or mistakenly presume to have control of the brand, it’s only a matter of time before “the end of business as usual.”

Why You Need This Information

Brian Solis says he wrote The End of Business as Usual to demonstrate how our digital culture is radically changing the landscape of business, consumerism, and what you should do about it. We seldom recommend a book but the insights found here are invaluable in teaching you how to embrace new media in order to become a more competitive, more successful practice.

The End of Business as Usual is about a new era of business. An era in which information (social media) has drastically changed the landscape, disrupted markets and put the connected consumer in charge. It is an era in which all businesses, retail or medical, must either “adapt or die!”

In Brief

With 283 pages of weighty concepts and projections (all supported by research, quotes, statistics, graphs and passionate arguments), this book gets a little intense at times. And because you are so busy, we decided to read it first and provide you with the basics. In a later article we will offer five takeaways you can’t do without but for now, some of the concepts the book covers include:

  • Social consumerism
  • The connected consumer
  • “Youthquake”—how the Millennial generation has become a powerful force of influence and consumerism
  • Your audience as an audience with audiences
  • The co-creation of brands
  • How digital influence creates a new “world order”

This is the connected consumer. He or she is connected with other people in vast networks that are rich with interaction. Indeed, the social graphs that connected consumers are increasingly interconnected, resulting in audiences that also have audiences of their own.    - Brian Solis

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