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Make your Social Media Funnel Produce More Results

1. Understand Your Conversion Funnel

The first step to analyzing what is working and what is not in your Internet Inbound Marketing efforts is to understand your conversion funnel. To have optimum return on investment you must know which social media channels are working best to add prospects to that funnel. This graphic at Social Media Examiner pictures the Inbound Marketing funnel.


Social media and email channels commonly reach prospects earlier in the conversion process than traditional advertising.  Some questions to answer through Google Analytics and other methods for tracking metrics include:

  • Which social media channel is giving my practice the greatest exposure?
  • Which social media channel is creating influencers? In other words, where are you seeing the most evidence of brand awareness: email, Facebook,Twitter, blog comments, etc..?
  • Which social media channel is directly leading to the largest number of conversions: moving from followers to people who have called to make an appointment?

2.  Make the Path to Conversion Obvious

Nothing clogs the conversion funnel up quicker than offering too few paths to conversion. It must be obviously easy to connect with you and your practice. Consumers tend to be lazy by nature and are less likely to convert if it isn’t continually obvious how to connect with you.

Ask someone who has never seen your Facebook page to take a quick look and answer one question: How obvious was it to them what they needed to do next to connect with your practice? If it takes two steps to get to your website or blog that’s one step too many!

Create a tab on your Facebook page that connects followers directly to your practice and your conversion rates will go up. Check your blog just as closely. Are they conversion points and calls to action in every blog post? If not, you conversion funnel will not produce like it should.

3.  Allow for Opportunities for “Soft Conversions”

Social media leads enter the conversion process early compared to traditional media. A blog follower may not be ready to call for an appointment but will be open to joining an email newsletter list. Soft leads are followers who are willing to commit to giving their email address in order to receive relevant and valuable content.

Don’t make email marketing campaigns hard sales pitches. Instead nurture these soft leads through valuable information and offers for free services such as a Saturday demonstration. Many of these soft leads will, in time, become hard leads for new patients.

4. Nurture Social Media Leads Differently than Traditional Email Campaigns

Information that works with a social media lead is decision-making content. Such content is designed to preemptively answer questions that usually arise before someone decides to directly contact your practice. Social media serves to develop trust with prospect which enables you to provide thought leadership as prospect make decisions.

Part of shepherding prospects toward conversion comes from recognizing where they are in the funnel.

  • Exposure
  • Influence
  • Engagement

You can recognize where prospects are in this process by their responses to calls to action. If a long-time email newsletter follower signs up for a free botox seminar at your office you know they are at the engagement level and ready for more direct calls to action specifically aimed at them.

5. Measure, Measure, Measure

The only way to know where prospects are in the funnel is to measure your efforts. Google Analytics are very useful for tracking your campaigns.

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