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Healthcare Social Media and Pinterest

Ever since the fall of 2011, Pinterest has been extensively covered in both mainstream publications and marketing blogs because of its rapid growth and widespread adoption. In case you’ve been too busy to notice, Pinterest is a visual social network for “pinning” images or videos to users’ own or others’ pinboards (collections of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme).

So is this just one more fad in an already crowded social media field or can Pinterest be a real player in your Inbound Internet Marketing strategy? Consider the following key reasons for using Pinterest and answers the questions that follow. You may soon decide this is something to seriously consider.

Key Reasons for Using Pinterest

1. Rapid Growth
As of February 2012, Pinterest had 10.4 million users. Not only is its reach growing, but the average amount of time spent on the site per visitor was 97.8 minutes. These stats show that the site is sticky, providing significant value to its users so they’re willing to set aside a large chunk of their day to spend on it.

If those metrics continue to go up, it’s an indication that Pinterest is not just a passing fad. It already far surpasses Google+ and LinkedIn in the total time users spend on the site.

2. Ease of Sharing Content
Pinterest has also made it very easy to share content on the web. The platform prompts users to download a pinmarklet (a Pinterest toolbar bookmarklet) that allows them to pin any content they find on the web to share it. No copying and pasting links or switching between tabs and browsers. If you offer interesting visual content – infographics, before and after photos, videos, etc. – Pinterest just made it easier for that content to be disseminated by your readers to a brand new audience.

3. Very Visual
Which brings us to one of the best parts about Pinterest: it’s an image-driven site. Study after study show that people love browsing through images online. In fact, images and videos are the most shared content on Facebook, with over 250 million photos uploaded each day. Cosmetic surgery is an image driven endeavor and sharing beautiful images on Pinterest is a simple way to leverage the tremendous power of visuals on a booming social network that is dedicated solely to sharing remarkable images.

Key Questions to Answer

1. Do you Understand it’s Appeal?
Pinterest has the opportunity to be extremely valuable and offers an aesthetic-centered service. It can offer a lot of value to practices that are willing to put in the time to create visually stimulating content. If you ‘pin’ boring images, they are not going to perform well on Pinterest, so if you want to tackle this network make sure you have good images and videos to share.

2. Is your Target Demographic Predominantly Female?
As opposed to Google+, Pinterest users are largely female. Don’t forget that Pinterest users spend a lot of time on the site, so you have a good chance of engaging with them there.

3. Do you Want Referrals?
As we already mentioned, many businesses report that Pinterest has become a bigger source of referrals for their sites than Google+. Increasing the volume of traffic you get is great but make sure you use marketing analytics to track the quality of that traffic by looking at visitor-to-lead and even lead-to-customer conversion rates.

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