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As a plastic surgeon you have spent many years gaining the education, training and professional experience that makes you outstanding in your field. And, the last thing you probably need or want to do is to seek to become a master of yet another field. That is why healthcare marketing agencies like Digital Solutions are so vital in taking your internet inbound marketing to a level that matches your standing as a physician. Areas that competent healthcare marketing agencies can make your internet marketing shine include:

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

As we stress in many of our articles, there is no substitute for consistently powerful and fresh content.  Some recent articles we have provided about content include:

Strong content isn’t just about putting your ideas out there for others to read. To make sure others see those powerful words your content must also employ sound Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Social Media Management

Every channel of social media has its advantages and the best strategy is to approach them through one unified strategy. That means having direction in things as simple as headings for Tweets that are sure to be noticed. The key is consistency of message and branding across all the social medial channels whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.  A few of the articles we have presented about social media are:

 Email Marketing Management

Social Media is constantly climbing but it is a huge mistake to overlook the power that solid email campaigns still have. One advantage healthcare marketing agencies provide is integrating social media and email marketing into one cohesive and consistent campaign, each feeding off the other. But, you can’t grow what you can’t measure. The beauty of the web is in the ability to ensure campaign effectiveness down to the tiniest details if you know what you are doing. As we pointed out in Making the Most of Your Email Campaign, help is often needed in analyzing the effectiveness of your email efforts and adjusting to make them work better.  To learn more about email marketing, check out these archived articles:

These articles just expose the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can and needs to be done to create and manage effective Internet inbound marketing. That is why most medical professionals are coming to realize they need someone else with focused experience to take the helm of their intern marketing ship.



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