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Five Ways to Involve your Email Subscribers

Building good organic email lists takes time and planning. Here are five ways to get the best return on investment from the email you send to those hard earned names on that list.

1. Ask them Something

When is the last time you surveyed your readers? When we think of surveys, the first thing that usually comes to mind is questionnaires, but a “survey” doesn’t have to be a list of multiple-choice questions

Consider sending a simple email that only asks one question and invites recipients to answer it. For instance, you can send a more personal email to your subscriber list to get their feedback on a change you are considering for your blog.

Asking your subscribers for their opinions and assistance is a very powerful way to gain engagement. It can help you strengthen the bonds your subscribers feel with you. Nothing goes further in encouraging conversation than by showing you respect your followers’ opinions.

2. Give them Something

Rewarding your subscribers with a free giveaway always helps, no matter how long they’ve been subscribed. Many blogs offer a free download to encourage visitors to join their list but don’t forget those loyal followers who have subscribed for some time.

Gifts don’t have to cost much but randomly offer something of noticeable value. A free fifteen-minute skin care class will grab your email readers’ attention. Be sure to point out that it’s a subscriber exclusive, so that your subscribers feel that you value them particularly.

3. Tell them something

Tips and other information that don’t appear on your blog or web site lets email subscribers know you value them. Using your list to tell subscribers something important is an excellent way to underline the benefit to them not just of being on the list, but of taking the time to open and read your emails.

4. Alert them to something

If a new procedure is on the way, alert your email subscribers to it ahead of time. Offer news from the world of cosmetic surgery that confirms their trust in you as an authority.  Summarize the same information in one of your blog posts but offer something more to your subscribers. Make sure they get the full-length, in-depth version or a different perspective. Make the value of being a subscriber clear through the quality of the information your send.

5. Invite them to something

A direct invitation is a great thing to extend to your subscribers. A personal invitation to your subscribers can do a lot to boost engagement and build rapport. It’s also a very clear way to provide value.

You can invite your subscribers to:

  • Comment on a post that’s been an experiment or a break from the routine.
  • Contact you via email or social media.
  • Take part in a new program you’re beta testing.
  • Accept a special offer that you’re making available only to them.

Make sure your invitation is sincere and the event or offer that you’re inviting subscribers to be part of is something you personally stand behind. These people are the most loyal of your readers, and the goal here is to reinforce and deepen that loyalty.

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