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Finding New Botox Clients on their Lunch Break

Though more and more men are seeking Botox treatments, the greatest source for finding new Botox clients through inbound marketing is still among women. But the place to gain the attention of that demographic may not be where you think. The New York Times recently reported that for the first time in American history, the percentage of women in the workforce is about to pass 50%. That means old tactics of targeting women at home need to be rethought.

Botox and the Workplace

One of the best places to spark interest in Botox treatments is quickly becoming the workplace. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed that 72% of workers use the Internet for personal use during their lunch breaks. Respondents to the scientific survey said they surf the net for:

  • Personal e-mail accounts (63%)
  • Online shopping and banking (62%)
  • Social Networking (31%)

Break time Internet usage varies based on gender. Men (16%) watch web based TV, compared to just 7% of women. Conversely, 37% of women spend their breaks on social networking sites compared to less than 25% of men.

With such a large percentage of workers using the Internet during their breaks, it makes sense for plastic surgeons to target busy professionals and office workers through campaigns that focus on lunch break treatments.

Botox and Lunch Breaks

A number of plastic surgeons are finding significant success in featuring lunch break Botox treatments. Best results have been achieved through a combination of mini sites or Facebook landing pages offering information on Botox, special lunch break appointment schedules, and coupons.  One such site used the following copy, to stress why women should consider Botox treatments during their lunch break.

Yes, it’s as easy as going to the dentist, just as fast, and possibly less painful as well. The procedure usually takes ten to fifteen minutes; the first time with a new consultant may take a little longer because they will need to discuss your wishes, gather some medical information, and take a look at your face, a bit like having a check-up. Once you’ve both agreed on what areas could benefit from some Botox, the consultant will set to work. The injections are administered using short needles and only a small amount of the preparation is injected at each site. It will feel a little stinging, but not as much as a local anaesthetic does. Some people say it feels like having your eyebrows plucked or a pin prick. The sites where the injection is given may have a little redness afterwards but that’s about it. There’s no recovery time, you’re just in, treated, and out. And if you’re worried that there is an immediate effect after the treatment, meaning that everyone can tell where you’ve been, it really doesn’t happen like that. The effects are gradual, so between three days and a week afterwards, you will look in the mirror and see the changes occurring. Some areas do take a little longer for the effects.

The effort put into finding new Botox patients doesn’t have to be as time consuming or expensive as one might think. A Facebook fan page is free. Offering a small savings to Internet respondents to gain new clients is certainly cost effective. By stressing lunch break, you will gain a hearing from the growing number of women in the workplace who would like to try Botox but think they don’t have the time.

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