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Facebook in the Plastic Surgeon’s Social Media Hub

Every component of your social media hub is necessary: A blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. When used correctly, all work together to expand your presence, communicate your message, and strengthen your brand. But time is at a premium for all medical professionals so how do you decide which part of the hub gets your greatest attention?

For now, the place of Facebook in the plastic surgeon’s social media hub should remain near the top of the list right behind your blog. Once you have the right blog platform and consistently valuable content, there must be a way to bring visitors to that content organically. Outside of solid SEO strategies, Facebook accomplishes that goal while building strong brand loyalty.

Why Facebook?

Because it’s strength is reaching prospects outside your immediate circle

While Twitter and Google+ are excellent platforms for people interested in reaching outside their social circles, Facebook is really good at reaching in and strengthening interaction within social circles that already exist outside of Facebook’s database. Families; friends; co-workers. They’re Facebook’s bread and butter.


Referrals are any medical professional’s bread and butter. Positive reviews from trusted friends mean more to a prospective client than any advertising you can invest in. Facebook offers a perfect vehicle for friends to share your story with their friends and their friends’ friends.

Because Facebook users are active consumers

Digital Surgeons offers a compelling case for Facebook as the top social media tool for branding to consumers. Its breakdown of 2010 numbers comparing Twitter and Facebook revealed the following:



Total Users 500 million 106 million
People aware of 88% 87%
Login every day 41% 27%
Follow a brand 40% 25%
Will purchase that brand 51% 67%

Sheer numbers dictate that you should pay attention to Facebook in your MD social media hub. Far more Facebook followers are likely to become attached to your brand than through any other social media channel.

One Tool That Will Make Your Facebook Life Easier

Most physicians post content on Facebook during their regular office hours rather than at night or weekends. The problem posting during office hours is that content posted in off hours has a 20% higher engagement rate.

This reflects the importance of having a post appear at the top of fans’ News Feeds during the times of day they are most likely checking their Facebook Pages. By posting within business hours, brands miss the critical opportunity to get the visibility they need for maximum engagement. So, schedule posts to appear early in the morning or late at night. Don’t publish posts simply because you’re in front of the computer.

Buddy Media

Unless you have someone on your staff willing to post Facebook comments at night, what can you do to answer this dilemma? 140ology has the solution. Postabulous is an app that works from within your Facebook page to schedule multiple status updates as far ahead as you like. This straightforward tool allows you to schedule posts for the time your followers are most likely to see them. We’ll be posting a complete review of this fantastic product soon.


The Bottom Line: Google+ has enormous potential but is far too immature a product to know what its ultimate impact on social media will be. Twitter does one thing uncommonly well but is limited. Facebook continues to be the single most valuable tool in expanding the reach of the content in your blog and engaging prospects.

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