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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Ideas

We often come across MDs looking for great, new ideas to help promote their cosmetic surgery practice.  There are many options available from traditional billboards and yellow pages to new mediums such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimization.  For any one practice to try all avenues of marketing could easily result in a lot of time, money and opportunities lost due to trial and error.  Not to say the time tested methods are without trial and error but by building on the shoulders of proven methods you can gain a big head start in building your practice through marketing.

Here we are going to dive into the top 5 methods we see returning results while not breaking the bank.

Email Marketing

Good old reliable email is still the #1 method for staying in touch with your regular and new customers.  Many clinics are intimidated with the thought starting a campaign when you don’t have any subscribers.  But with some helpful advice on building out your email list and following some best practices, you can be off to a great start.

Search Engine Optimization

We all know the mystery behind search engine optimization (SEO).  You’ve probably seen the ads on Yahoo! or GoDaddy for $50/mo SEO or have received the emails with poor English guaranteeing results for some ridiculously low cost.  SEO isn’t so much a one time endeavor like buying a yellow pages ad as it is a fact of life.  When you take on an SEO campaign, the campaign becomes an integral part of all your marketing.  Keyword research, press releases, content creation, guest blogging, analytics review are all parts of a successful SEO campaign and these only happen through good communication between your staff and your agencies staff. SEO is still the #1 method for attracting new visitors to your site.

Social Media

Social Media as well as online coupons are becoming more and more an integral part of the cosmetic surgeons marketing strategy.  Twitter is quickly becoming an incredible compliment to traditional PR and Facebook continues to build customer loyalty and returning visitor counts when a campaign is implemented correctly. We have seen visitor counts from social media equal that or search traffic on sites that commit the necessary resources to a social media campaign.

So that rounds out our top 3 and now we will focus on more traditional marketing ideas that have received a new twist online.

Patient Reviews / Testimonials

Marketers have long known the power of a testimonial.  The problem was that hand written thank you notes and testimonials were difficult to share with the world.  That all changed when Google started collecting online reviews from around the web and displaying them in the search results for your practice name. Now not only were good reviews highly visible but bad reviews were out there for everyone to see as well. The only way to combat this is to have far more good reviews than bad.  There is an art to getting good reviews but the process is simple and any practice can put a similar process in place.  Whether you have a review process in place or not you will need to keep tabs on your online reviews. We offer a free tool for tracking your reviews.  Quality reviews that use your target phrases have been shown to improve the rankings of your Google Places page.

Finally say thank you!

Your best clients are the clients who come back to you year after year and who tell their friends about your services. What better way to encourage these best clients than by throwing regular open house parties with giveaway prizes and socializing time.  Even those clients who can’t make it to your open house will know that it is going on through your email campaign and they will get the message you care about them and you are thankful for their business. Through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and email the news of your open house can spread quickly and reach new prospective patients who are not on your list. At the open house you can encourage visitors to follow you on Facebook and Twitter and let them sign up for your email list to find out about future events, specials and giveaways.

We hope this list has been helpful.  As always keep it fun and engaging. Your customers aren’t robots and they will appreciate personal heart felt communications from you and from your staff. Be authentic and diligent and have some fun!

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