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A Game Plan for Plastic Surgery Leads

A great deal of time goes into preparing a football team for the big game on Saturday afternoon. There are drills, multiple snaps, and hours in the weight room. Those aspects of preparation are the responsibility of every player but one thing falls only on the coaches – a winning game plan. The best players can’t execute a game plan if one does not exist.

The analogy applies to having a winning game plan for plastic surgery leads. Many times, the reason leads are not converted into appointments is either because there isn’t a set game plan in place for following up on those leads or the game plan is not followed consistently.

Essential Parts of a Winning Game Plan for Plastic Surgery Leads:

Respond Quickly and Personally

Every lead should begin with an auto responder email but quickly followed up by personal contact. If a lead comes by email, follow-up with a phone call and then a personal email. If the lead comes by phone, follow-up on the phone call with a personal email. If the lead comes by text message, follow-up immediately with a text reply followed by an email and phone call.

Have Follow-up Information Ready

If your staff has to send requested information the next day, that may be a day too late. There should be email templates always available that cover the major procedures that visitors generally inquire about.

Customize Follow-ups to Each Lead

When following up, always mention the specific procedure or issue an inquirer is interested in. Here are some examples of customized follow-ups:

  • Thank you for calling Ms. Smith. I see you requested some information about Botox injections; what questions can we answer for you?
  • Thank you for requesting information about breast augmentation. If there are any specific questions we can answer please call us at 1-800-555-5555.

Put some genuine thought and effort into every correspondence. A prompt reply to a lead that shows you have already put some time into their questions and needs demonstrates your commitment to give every patient personalized attention.

Never Prejudge a Lead

If a visitor to your site leaves their name and email address they are a lead! Don’t assume all they are interested in is what they checked on a feedback form. People tend to only ask personal questions once they feel comfortable with your clinic and practice.

Ask Non-Threatening Insightful Questions

The reasons a visitor to your site made themselves a lead through some kind of response is not nearly as important as your response to them. Often times prospective patients aren’t sure exactly what they want or need. A few well thought out and non-threatening questions will help qualify what that lead really needs.


One or two people on your staff should be trained and assigned to follow-up on leads. This assures consistency in the way leads are handled and prevents leads from slipping through the cracks. 1000 names on a list are not necessarily all qualified leads. It takes time and experience for your staff to learn how to qualify lead and ensure follow-up time and resources are used in the most efficient way possible.


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