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Medical Marketing Services - When to outsource your efforts?

The skills required for an effective inbound marketing campaign in medical marketing are rapidly growing.  If we took a snapshot of the typical skills required for the average medical clinic, we would currently see a laundry list such as:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design (HTML, CSS)
  • Web content and landing page review
  • Analytics setup, integration and review
  • EMail marketing (HTML, CSS)
  • Email content creation, sending/tracking, and list segmenting
  • Digital press releases
  • Influencer outreach
  • Social media engagement
  • Web development and CMS integration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) oversight on each of the above
  • Pay per click ad copy, tracking and management
  • Display ad design, copy, tracking and management

And this list is focusing solely on inbound marketing and ignoring some of the more traditional marketing processes such as direct mail, print ads, and telemarketing.  Through our Inbound Advisor process we aim to identify which of these skill sets you may have staffed internally and which of these you would need to fill.  The resources which exist already need to be continually trained on best practices and vacant positions need to be filled and also need to be trained.

One consideration in filling vacant skill sets is to outsource those roles to a marketing agency.  Agencies will have these roles filled with individuals who live and breath their specific skill set.  For instance a pay-per-click manager inside an agency handles Adwords campaigns all day long and can bring this experience to the table to aid your inbound marketing efforts.

So when to outsource some of all of your inbound marketing efforts?

Some key indicators that it is time to look for an agency partner to help with some or all of your inbound marketing efforts are:

1.  Despite good intentions, your campaigns are not progressing fast enough or they are not being measured appropriately.

We all know you can’t improve on what you can’t measure.  And if your campaigns are not being appropriately measured and reported on with at least monthly frequency, you should strongly consider outsourcing.  The same can be said about making progress on new marketing ideas.  If campaign ideas are being implemented in months instead of weeks, you can likely benefit from an agency partner.

2.  The marketing tasks are not a primary responsibility of the resource who is performing the tasks.

When a graphic designer does not do graphic design work all day long, it can easily take 2-5 times as long to complete a task and the results usually are not as trendy and visually appealing as the designs a full-time designer creates.  The same can be said about any other skill set in the list.  If your internal resource for managing AdWords, Social Media or Emails is spending less than 10 hours a week on any one of those tasks, you are likely missing out on efficiencies and best practices that would come with a dedicated resource.  This can be another strong indicator that it is time to outsource.

3.  Few recommendations on new trends and techniques.

Utilizing resources that are deep into a strategic inbound marketing skill set will also bring more effective recommendations to the table for your overall marketing strategy.  Is Pintrest effective for plastic surgery marketing?  You will gain much more insight when someone on your team has the experience to answer this question and provide appropriate recommendations than you will from a resource who only dabbles in social media a couple hours a week.

How strong are the inbound marketing recommendations your team is presenting?  Are they being implemented in a timely manner and measured appropriately for success?  Falling short in any one of these areas can be a key indicator that you would likely benefit from outsourcing some or all of your inbound marketing efforts to an experienced team.

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