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Plastic Surgeons and Email Marketing: Time for another Blast

If your email marketing has grown stagnant, a good way to revive it is with an email blast. A “blast” works like old fashioned mass mail but with some notable advantages. Email enables you to contact thousands of prospects at the same time and with more immediate response than from any other type of marketing campaigns.

A Word of Caution!

Email blasts have a distinct advantage over mass mailings but can also have the same potential pitfalls. Weak or poorly targeted email lists will only waste your time. Beyond that, they can also create potential ill-will with your intended audience. Before you send out that email to thousands of people, take the time to make sure it is well constructed and targeted at the right people.

Why Send a Blast

When using an email blast, you can adapt your message to speak to multiple groups as part of the same mailing. This allows you to send a different message to prospective clients than to your existing patient base. You can also experiment with different blasts over a period of time to find what works best with your prospect base.

Use a Clean List?

You can’t just purchase a large list of email addresses and automatically expect to get great results. The single biggest hurdle any good email blast must overcome to succeed will always be spam.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid wasting your time and money on a mountain of rejected and bounced emails.

  • Purchase quality email lists from mailing list brokers. These services have already done the leg work to compile lists of people who have expressed interest in the service you offer.
  • Be sure and provide a way for visitors to your blog and web site to opt-in to receive email from you. It is important to remember that a clear method must also be provided for those people to opt-out later if they wish. It is your responsibility to remove them from your list as soon as possible or be in danger of violating the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Avoid subject line buzzwords that can trigger spam filters. Words like “free” and “last day to act” can get you bumped into a potential client’s spam folder before they ever have a chance to see what you are all about.
  • Be sure the URL you link to matches the domain of the email address you’re sending from. Because many phishing emails send unsuspecting users to malicious sites, readers want to know where information is coming from.

The very best way to have a clean email list is to build one organically. The Plastic Surgeon and Email Marketing: Making Sure it’s Delivered offers some invaluable tips on how to ensure your list stays clean.

Give Them a Reason to Respond

Always incorporate a definite call to action in your message: a link to your web site, a “request more information” button, a special offer, a coupon.   It is better to give readers one clear thing to do rather than overwhelm them with information in a lengthy message. Your window of opportunity is brief when it comes to email. Keep it short and to the point with no more than two or three links for the reader to click.

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