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Plastic Surgeons and YouTube: Healthcare Web Design Strategies that Work

The Doctor 2.0 plastic surgeon understands the place of YouTube in a comprehensive web design strategy. Consider the following facts as reported by Nielsen:

  • Americans streamed 15 billion videos in May 2011.
  • Traditional TV viewing was up only 0.2% over last year
  • Internet video viewing was up 35%
  • Mobile video viewing went up 20%
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

That last fact is both good news and bad news. On the good side, YouTube is beyond HOT! YouTube usage is no longer the domain of teenagers either. Its growth is trending upwards in almost every demographic. On the down side, that means there is a lot of competition vying for those viewers’ attention. The key is to take the steps necessary to set your videos apart from the crowd.

Offer Compelling Videos

We all dream of creating that video that goes viral and makes it to the Today Show, but those are rare. In fact, why things go viral in the social media world is often a mystery even to the creators. The better tact is to consistently create content that addresses what your audience is concerned about. Videos that are helpful and compelling to your prospects and patients will do their job over time. Anything you blog about will make excellent material for a YouTube video: answers to common questions, testimonials, slide shows, etc …

Make it Easy to Find

SEO in YouTube video titles and descriptions is essential. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube. Videos frequently make it to the first page in search engine results thus providing a launching pad past competitors.  Three key areas to focus on making videos findable are:

  • Title: Be sure targeted keywords appear in the first few words of your title. Try placing your targeted key word first in the title followed by a colon. The title of this article is an example.Plastic Surgeons and YouTube:  Healthcare Web Design Strategies that WorkBy placing the keywords “Plastic Surgeons and YouTube” first, this video is most likely tom rank high in page rankings when searching for that keyword phrase.
  • Description:  Always begin your description with a full URL. Be as descriptive and keyword-rich as possible. Good descriptions will help you get found more readily by people searching YouTube for your type of content.  Don’t forget to include more URL’s to your site throughout your content.
  • Tags:  All elated keywords should be included in the tags field.

Review YouTube Insights

If you want to make videos people will watch, study who is watching what you already have out there. YouTube provides powerful analytics that will give you insight into who’s watching your videos and how they found them. Reviewing your most popular videos or the ones with the most feedback can point to what category of content resonates most with your target audience.


The Bottom Line: Many medical professionals understand the place of SEO strategies for the blogs and web pages but sometimes forget the same principles work with YouTube. No matter how good a video is, someone has to see it before it can accomplish its purpose. The most important factor with videos is that they are most likely to be shared beyond your initial followers. YouTube videos often take on a life of their own that will greatly increase exposure to your brand.

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