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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: December 31, 2011

Top Medical Social Media Stories of 2011: Month by Month

Dr. Bertalan Mesko

I thought about doing a “Healthcare Social Media YEAR in Review”, but Science Roll beat me to it. From Google Health closing to Insulin pump tattoos, this covers all the must-reads in Medical Social Media from 2011. Read More


Tweeting Physicians Share Social-Media-Must-Knows for Newbies

Ann Tracy Mueller

Four experienced social media medical professionals offer advice to those entering the field. Read More


23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health

Dr. Mike Evans

Another great use of Medical Social Media is inspiring patients to make good life-style choices. I hope you’ll tweet, share and post this video by Dr. Mike Evans that made me dust my jogging shoes off. See Video

6 surprising lessons social media teaches speakers

Lisa Braithwaite

Some great things to think about while you “speka” to you social media crowd. This article goes beyond nuts and bolts to tone and risk taking. Read More

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