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It is never a good idea to begin anything with a negative. Whether it’s the speech you have to give your children about school work or an article about the do’s and don’ts of inbound marketing, people are more receptive when you begin with the positive.

The Good News

Digital Solutions is exited to feature, over the next few weeks, what Debbie Weil calls “the next-generation, interactive web site”. Is this yet one more “next big new thing” designed to make money for its creators and suck up your time and resources? Are we suggesting you scrap all that hard work you already put into your web site or email marketing? Not at all.

The good news is that you probably already have one of these next-generation, interactive web sites and may not realize it. It’s called – the blog. When built on the right platform and designed correctly every plastic surgeon’s social media hub is already in place.

The Bad News

A recent article on a marketing site is entitled, The Dangers of Blogging. In this article, the author listed three reasons blogging may not be a good use of many professionals’ time. The reasons given were:

  • Blogs are a Time Waster – This source rightly notes there must be 2-4 blogs posts per week for one to be consistently effective. That many blog posts require a lot of content so who has the time? This article went on to suggest tracking the number of hours per week you spend on creating and maintaining your blog was too time consuming. It then asked if you couldn’t use that time better on some other form of marketing.

OUR RESPONSE: Yes, a good blog requires an investment of time but when planned out correctly, not nearly as much as some suppose. In everything, however, Return on Investment is the main criteria. When done properly nothing will give you a better marketing ROI than your blog.

  •  Blogs Seldom Increase Sales – The noted author of this article went so far as to say far too much focus and time are expensed on “getting comments”. Comments were then likened to being no “different than a teenager trying to get a lot of friends on his MySpace page. It’s a meaningless exercise”. At this point, the article again made a right observation. Getting people to give you contact information is most important to creating long-term relationships that lead to sales. In the case of plastic surgeons that would be appointments.

OUR RESPONSE: A blog that is designed to be a plastic surgeon’s social media hub is a contact information magnet. Every post carries a call to action that is designed to gather information about a visitor. Each successive good post is an opportunity for a visitor to share your blog with their social network.

  • Blogs Encourage Visitors to Expect Free Information

OUR RESPONSE: This negative shows the writer in question misses the point completely. Every survey of Internet users reveals the same thing: when it comes to searches, social media, blogs, and web sites, information is king. Reliable information makes you an authority they will return to often and recommend others to do the same.

The Better News


Two things are immediately obvious about the article in question: it was posted on a blog and the person writing the post is a professional marketer. There are many great marketers available but some are still married to an old media approach. In other words, they want you to be tied to them.

Blogging takes control out of the hands of old media types and places it directly in yours.

As Debbie Weil put it, “Websites are for facts and figures … blogs are for stories.” By turning your blog into a social media hub, it becomes something quite different than advertisement to your followers. It is the story of your practice and clients. And no one can tell your story better than you.

Our goal is to offer some Doctor 2.0 tactical guidance in making your next-generation, interactive web site the best it can be!

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Tim George is a regularly contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Tim is passionate about web marketing for MDs expecially the latest trends and results in social media, SEO and inbound marketing. For more, please follow @MDWebPro on Twitter

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