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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: December 19, 2011

Six Social Media Trends for 2012

What can we expect in 2012 in a world that seems to grow ever connected by the hour? Here are six predictions to ponder.

David Armano

      • Convergence Emergence
      • The Cult of Influence
      • Gamification Nation
      • Social Sharing
      • Social Television
      • The Micro Economy

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Clinical Trials and Social Media – Part 1 in an Intermittent Series

One example for the use of social media creatively in clinical trial recruitment is with YouTube. Pharma YouTube channels are notoriously under-utilized and the content has largely been lackluster. Some of the most successful channels in the past, however, have featured patients talking about living with their particular condition. Read More

How to spark interaction—and not just ‘likes’—on Facebook

Shel Holtz

Organizations continue to pour resources into persuading people to “like” their Facebook page, even citing the number of “likes” as a metric.Likes, however, are worthless if a sizable number of those people don’t return to the page to interact. Most of us have liked a page to access some piece of content and then never returned.

Fan engagement on your organization’s page increases the likelihood that your fans will see your status updates in their news feeds. Commenting, uploading videos and photos, participating in polls, and other interactions count far more than a like in Facebook’s EdgeRank alogirithm. A fan liking your page is your invitation to engage him. Read More

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