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Healthcare Blogging 3 Better Content Ideas

Whether you are brand new to blogging or an aged veteran, we all want to make the best use of our content creation time and provide the most value to our visitors.  There are tons of tools we can use to come up with new content ideas including Google Adwords, Google Insights/Trends and even just listening to your network on social media.  But often there is one method of content creation that gets ignored when it really shouldn’t.  In fact this method is one of the best methods for making incremental improvements in your visits from search and pages viewed on your site.

There is no secret to why this technique drives results but the reason why it does work is because you are listening to the current visitors to your site. And by listening and responding, you are establishing a closed loop process to engage and cater to your visitors.

I call the technique the “How, What, Where’ process.

Basically we fire up the old Google Analytics and head on over to the Traffic Sources / Keywords section.  Then down at the bottom of the screen enter ‘How’ into the filter.  This will filter the keywords from search engines sending traffic by those including the term ‘How.’  Below are the results from our MDWebpro blog.

Now you tell me how many great article ideas can I get from that list?  We may already have great content targeting some of those questions so this is where keyword to page scoring and rank tracking come into play.  If you are using a tool like ours, you can easily dump all these phrases into your account to see which phrases you are not already targeting.  If you don’t subscribe to our tool, I’m sure there are others out there like it but you can also manually search on your site.  Just head on over to Google and search for the phrase to see where your site comes up in the results.

From our 1st place Google listing, I can quickly see that we are already doing a great job of targeting that phrase.  So I will continue down the list  looking for another phrase that we aren’t ranking in the top 5 or 10 for.

Once we have checked all our results for the ‘How’ phrases we move on to the ‘What’ phrases following the same process.

From the ‘What’ phrases I have more great content ideas.  And the process continues for ‘Where’ phrases


Sometimes you will find you can also compliment the How, What, Where searches with some other searches to find more content ideas.  Below is an example of a search for ‘Find’ which returns one result I would have missed with the other searches.

The whole idea with this process is to refine the content on your site based on how visitors are finding your content now. Of course visitors to your site don’t always know they are giving you this great data but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to improve your site.  Through this process you will also determine what the search engines think of your site.  In the cases above, Google has decided to show our listing for each of those search phrases.  That tells us Google likely thinks we are at least a decent result for those phrases.  Now it is our turn to improve on our content to show Google we are a better result for those phrases than our competition in the SERPs.

How do you come up with new content ideas?  Please share your insight in the comments below.

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