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Cosmetic Surgery Web Marketing Requires Clear Calls to Action

The owner of a large insurance firm once reported he sent a promising new representative to call on a long existing client who always added to his policy ever year. A few weeks later, the client called up his friend who owned the company to compliment the new representative. “But you didn’t renew your policy,” replied the owner. “I know, the young man never asked me to. When he asks, I will.” All that was missing was a call to action.

A common missing link in a good deal of cosmetic surgery web marketing is a clear call to action. It may seem obvious, but telling a visitor to your site what to do next is critical for your cosmetic surgery web marketing efforts. Your web pages and blog may have your phone number and ways to contact your office everywhere but must be accompanied by a clearly explained next step that is presented to visitors.  Failure to include the next step may be the one omission that derails your well thought out cosmetic surgery web marketing strategy.

A Call to Action IS NOT an Obvious Sales Pitch!

The way to avoid leaving the appearance of making a sales pitch is to make your calls to action natural extensions of informative content. Start with good information and meaningful content that establishes you as an authority. The key phrase is “obvious yet organic”. Tell people what you want them to do but in a way that fits naturally into your content and web design.

A Call to Action IS an Invitation to Continue the Conversation

If web design and content are done well your visitors will be intrigued. What follows is to compel them to respond in a call to action. When you end a web page, blog, article, or advertisement, you want the reader to do something after they are done.

Ideas for a Good Call to Action:

  • Email your office
  • Call your office
  • Text for more information
  • Go to your website
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Chat with you on instant chat
  • Register their email address for more information and/or special offerings
  •  Follow you on Twitter
  •  Connect with you on LinkedIn
  • Sign up for e-newsletters and/or blogs
  •  ‘Like’ you on Facebook
  • Add their comment to your blog Click on a link for a promotion, coupon or discount
  • Review testimonials or positive reviews
  • Add your website and/or blog to their favorites
  • Email or forward to a friend or family member

There should be one clear call to action on each page. Whatever the action is, tell people to do it. Make it clear and simple so that visitors are not confused. Remember, you only have visitors for a limited number of seconds on a page before they either move on somewhere else or investigate you further. Always explain concisely why it is to a visitor’s benefit to answer your call to action.

Key Components of a Good Call to Action

Tell your visitors:

  • What to do
  • When to do it
  • How to do it
  • Why they should do it.

Cosmetic surgery web marketing offers great rewards as long as you master the basics and stick to them consistently. A clear call to action is one of those basics you can’t afford to overlook.







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