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Doctor SEO: Use Google+ to Drive Traffic to your Site

Google search is still search, but now they are tailoring a person’s search to include results based on their social media profile. Google has term this tailored approach to search, Plus Your World.

Facebook and Twitter block Google searches so the one reliable way to take SEO advantage of Plus Your World is through Google+. To learn more about the importance of Google+ and searches read our article, Google+ and “Search, Plus your World”.

Here are some ways to leverage Google+ to drive traffic to your site:

1. Get as Big a Following as Quickly as Possible

All social media logic says to stress quality of engagement over numbers in a fan base. But results indicate that a bigger Google+ following is better. More followers, regardless of how loyal they may be, mean better ranking in Google’s search. Some ways to grow your Google+ fan base quickly include:

  • Tell people you have a Google+ page. Put a badge on your website and blog. Ask patients to put you in their circles. Include your Google+ link in your email and print communications.
  • Share your brand page posts through your personal profile. Brand pages are only allowed to follow people who have first followed them. So pushing your brand posts out through your personal profile helps your page posts receive more exposure.
  • Make sure your staff has their own Google+ profile and follow your brand page. Encourage them to share your page posts and then “+1″ those posts.

2. Use “Their” Keywords

Medical professionals have their own lingo. So we naturally try to use those words and phrases when we’re choosing keywords. The problem with that is most of our prospects don’t use those terms or phrases. Find words that people in your circles are using and use those keywords in the “about” section of both your profile and page. Remember to use those words when you post updates and share images.

3. Build Author Authority

You can tag your content in a way that shows Google your writings across the web. It also allows Google to pull them together when people search for you. This step is bit more advanced, but well worth the effort. To learn more about this read 5 Ways to Use Google+ to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization.

4. Educate Google

Google search is continuously categorizing and indexing information. In addition to search results, Google is also posting “People and Pages on Google+” related to your search term as a box on the right side of the page. The benefits of being listed there is obvious. Google says that as you post on the same topic, you are conditioning it to promote your page in that search.

5. Link Both Ways

Another significant way to help Google know how to categorize you is to include links between your practice website and blog on your profile and brand page. Google recognizes some features, such as authorship, if you include a link to your Google+ profile or brand page on your practice website or blog. One way to do that is to use Google’s badge creator or one like WidgetsPlus that offers more design flexibility.

6. Use +1 Buttons

Most Google searches, show an option to “+1″ a result. Google is specifically using these +1 results in search rank.


Google Search, Plus Your World means prospects and patients can now see recommendations from their connections right in their Google search results. This is great for your practice. People want to see proof that people like them do whatever it is they’re about to do. Google now offers that.

This makes Google+ more important than ever for your practice. Even if you don’t think your clients are active on Google+, you need to start for the SEO value. By doing some simple steps like consistently posting on the same topics and growing your Google+ followers, you help Google drive even more customers to your site.

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