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Dealing with Negative Facebook Feedback in your Healthcare Social Media Campaigns

The main reason we provide a free tool to monitor doctor reviews is because they can either make or break your Inbound Internet Marketing efforts. Monitoring review sites to keep up with what people are saying about you and your practice allows you to quickly respond to minor negatives before they become major ones.

It is just as important to monitor feedback on your Facebook Page and deal with negatives as quickly as possible. Here are five tips for dealing with any negative comments that might show up on your Facebook Page.

Know what people are saying …

You can’t respond if you don’t know what’s being said. Free tools such as Hootsuite or Nutshell Mail can help you stay on top of what people are posting and saying on your page.

Respond quickly and publicly…

If you see a complaint posted on your Facebook Page, don’t ignore it — or even worse, delete it. Instead, respond as quickly as possible with a polite message that says “Sorry you’re having a problem,” and makes a quick offer to help make things better. This shows others you’re listening and that you want to improve the situation. Response is what people are looking for not perfection.

Be real and forthcoming with information…

We’ve all heard stories of professionals who have used weak and inauthentic excuses to explain why something went wrong. Most often, your patients and prospects just want an open and transparent response.

Never fight fire with fire…

Whether or not you agree with the feedback received, don’t get defensive or start a debate with the person — especially if the feedback is irrational or insulting. One of the worst things you can do is broadcast a “he said, she said” discussion for all to see. Remember: posts on a Facebook Page have a very long shelf life. Some things are just going to be a personal opinion and you can’t change that. Focus on what you can change: the customer experience.

Take the conversation offline …

If you can, offer to get in touch with a dissatisfied follower offline, either through email, phone, or by asking them to come in to your clinic to talk with you in person. Obviously, you don’t want to ask the person to broadcast his or her personal info on your Facebook Page, but it’s better to deal with these kinds of issues outside of social media.

Don’t delete the original comment …

No one wants negative feedback on their Facebook Page, but leaving documentation of how you handled it can be very helpful. After all, when one of your Facebook fans is unhappy, showing that you’re listening and committed to rectifying the situation can go a long way toward keeping everyone else happy. And, more often than not, an open response will turn that negative into a positive.


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