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Day in the Life Profile of Social Media Thought Leader: Dr. Bobby Ghaheri

I’m interested in what makes an entrepreneur tick, why shoulder all that responsibility?  Why would a person take on such financial risk?  I myself never became an entrepreneur.  I was about to try it once and then ran for the hills as the saying goes.  I took what I perceived as a safer approach to a career.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Accounting, an MBA in Finance/Marketing, and even passed the CPA exam.  During and following those years of education, I decided to follow the corporate track, very large corporations in fact.  But was this corporate track really safer, less risky, how about fulfilling?  Now that I look back onto my career, I’m of a different mindset now.  There’s a lot of opportunity to learn beyond your education as you move throughout a corporate setting, but it’s rare, if not almost impossible to get a role within a corporation where you have your arms around the big picture.  Most roles are strictly defined and you are supposed to stay within those boundaries.  As I look back, I also think was it safer?  I was downsized; sure I didn’t lose a business, but it was just as devastating for me financially and emotionally.  At that time I remember thinking what did my education get me?

Now that I work for Digital Solutions, Inc. I love it!  As I work with our valued customers, most of whom are physicians, I look at them differently as I did when I only interacted with them as a patient.  It never occurred to me that they were entrepreneurs.  Before working here, I thought they were Doctors, they went to medical school, residency, perhaps a fellowship before becoming board certified, but an entrepreneur?  Of course physicians can choose to be an entrepreneur and I’m about to introduce one to you right now.

Given my recent interest in learning what makes an entrepreneur tick and what makes them braver than me, I’ve decided the best way to answer that question is to interview the talented Doctors MDWebPro works with; along with the other industries we serve through Digital Solutions and of course I need to interview my boss, President, CEO and Founder of Digital Solutions, Inc., Marc Ohmann.

The series will run on Thursdays and I’ve decided to kick the series off by interviewing Dr. Bobak (Bobby) Ghaheri, a longtime customer of MDWebPro.  Dr. Bobby (As I like to call him) practices in Portland, Oregon, as a highly respected Doctor at The Oregon Clinic, The Center for Aesthetic Medicine.

I think what Dr. Bobby has to say is very insightful.  Dr. Bobby is a social media leader in the healthcare arena and offers business and MD life insights.  I thought this mix would be a great Blog from both a doctors and entrepreneurial perspective.

I asked Dr. Bobby why work within a practice upon graduation and Dr. Bobby answered with: “My situation was unique. I graduated from residency and there weren’t a lot of opportunities in Portland, where we wanted to stay. I interviewed with Kaiser, but part of working for Kaiser is that you don’t have much freedom to tailor your practice.  I enjoy entrepreneurship and wanted the freedom to do that. Luckily, I joined a well-established practice and didn’t have to suffer with setting up a new practice by myself.”

I next asked Dr. Bobby what learning could you share with an intern if he or she wanted to start their own practice.  Dr. Bobby responded with, “The best thing to do is to go and shadow a private practice. Most importantly, don’t worry about the doctoring part – that comes naturally. Talk to the office manager. That’s where the real info comes from on how to hire/fire, streamline overhead, etc.  You need to hire someone with good people skills and financial know how so you don’t get caught up in overspending.”

My next question pertained to how do you manage wearing so many hats?  I found Dr. Bobby’s response enlightening, “I am a VERY organized person. I don’t mess around when I’m at work. I see my patient’s on-time, get my charts done, and when I go home, I don’t worry about work anymore.  I don’t do any charts/office stuff at home aside from the occasional emails that need to be answered.  Everything else I view as a bonus. I don’t blog because I have to, I blog because I want to and I have something to say.”  After reading Dr. Bobby’s response, I realize I’m going to need to take a page from his book (As that saying goes).

My last question was now that you’re successful and you look back, what do you think?  Dr. Bobby’s response made me respect him even more, “It’s too early for me to look back and think that I’m successful.  Medicine is changing; the economy isn’t great still, so doctors have to find unique ways to connect. That’s where I think that I have an advantage. I am fully entrenched in social media, and I continue to incorporate it in my daily practice.”

I’ll close with “Thank You Doctor Bobby”, I’m sure my readers will enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it with you!”


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Marc Ohmann is president of Digital Solutions, Inc in Minneapolis. Digital Solutions is the company behind the MDWebPro blog and tool set. Marc was a computer science and engineering student at the University of Minnesota in 1999 when he started Digital Solutions. Marc, now a husband and father of 3, greatly enjoys the clients and creativity he is involved in each day through Digital Solutions. Follow Marc on Twitter @marcohmann and @MDWebPro and also on Google Plus

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