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Cost Effective Plastic Surgery Local Advertising through Google Places

One of the most cost effective ways to implement plastic surgery local advertising is through Google Places. Because it is based on searches people are making on the local level, it is invaluable for marketing your practice to Internet searchers most likely to use your services. Plus, unlike SEO optimization which requires a certain amount of expertise, optimizing Google Places to achieve its fullest potential can be achieved without technical knowhow.

At Digital Solutions, we have highlighted the features of this excellent tool for plastic surgery local advertising on several occasions. Those articles include:

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One significant change that has occurred with Google Places since these articles were posted is Google’s change from tags to what it now calls BOOST. In the past, a tag cost $25 per month and served to highlight your practice among others on a search page. BOOST replaces tags and costs $50 per month.

With the increase in cost to advertise locally with BOOST, some are asking what the main differences in it and Adwords are. Here is a brief comparison to help you make a decision how to best use Google Places for your plastic surgery local advertising.



You choose your keyword for the ad. Google automatically selects keywords based on the categories you list in your Places listing. The user has no control over it.
You can choose national or local exposure. Your ad only appears in the local area matching to your Places listing.
You have a choice of ad formats (display on partner sites, video,  etc.). You have no ad format choice.
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