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Medical Content Marketing: Where Professional Meets Personal

  Content is the focal point of all inbound or online marketing, that much is a given. Within the broad category of content marketing are many subdivisions or niches. This is especially true when it comes to content for a … Continue reading

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SEO Strategies for Dentists

If you work in an industry requiring a robust web presence in order to bring in new customers, such as dentistry, hopefully you heard about the D-Day your website experienced about a month ago, on April 21st. This ultimatum required … Continue reading

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Mobile Friendly Websites for Physicians and Clinics

Seizing Hold of the Opportunity…Going Mobile in 2015!   Whether you are a Physician or Dentist, Chiropractor or other healthcare provider, NOW is the time to be sure your website is mobile friendly.  There are three reasons here, but the … Continue reading

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Dental Internet Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you find a picture that is, as they say, worth a thousand words. As I was doing some research for those who we wish to serve in the Dental community and thinking about our other clients, I came across … Continue reading

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Do You Know Dr. Google? The 2014 Digital Patient Journey [Infographic]

Do you know what process a patient goes through when they are visiting you in person? What about the digital patient experience they have? As may as 86% of people who go to the doctor will conduct some sort of … Continue reading

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The Keys to Long Tail Keywords

This month we have turned to dig up the possibilities and opportunities that lie within long tail keywords. With as much as 70% of searches falling into the long tail keywords category, it seems quite obvious that having a great … Continue reading

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Consumer Use of Mobile Health

Our friends at Hands on Telehealth sent us this infographic from the findings of the Deloitte Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers.  Consumer interest in mHealth is strong but adoption is limited.  Based on our conversations regarding the NoticeMed app, … Continue reading

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Inbound Marketing: Bringing ‘Measurable’ & ‘Marketing’ Together at Last

Do you remember when the words “Marketing” and “Measurable” were rarely found in the same sentence? (Unless “not” also made an appearance in that sentence) If you think of marketing as an immeasurable process that money is thrown at hoping … Continue reading

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Why the world is wrong about Google AdWords

It never seems to fail. When I find myself discussing Google AdWords with customers and prospects as a means to drive targeted traffic to their site, I always hear, “I never click on those ads.” Based on these conversations, I’ve … Continue reading

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Marc Ohmann, Speaker at 2014 MMGMA Winter Conference

The Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA) holds an annual winter conference in order to bring medical professionals together to discuss the current hot topics. This year, the focus of the conference is to define and portray your value as … Continue reading

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