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Avoid Burnout with a Medical Clinic Social Media Manager

Having a Doctor 2.0 medical practice is exciting. Social media, your web site, and blogs allow you take control of the contact you have with existing and potential clients. Like anything done well it can also create a certain amount of burnout unless you take the right steps. One of the best ways to avoid Inbound Marketing burnout is to find someone to act as your medical clinic social media manager.

A social media manager can be someone that specializes in social media you hire from the outside. But many plastic surgeons find the person they need for the task already on their staff. If you decide on keeping social media in-house, here are some qualities that person should possess:

Some personalities are more inclined to be successful at managing and inspiring online communities, but the vast majority of practitioners will need months, if not years, to learn to produce social media success through a process of trial and error. For your practice to succeed on social media sites, make sure that your social media manager (a.k.a. new media manager, digital marketing manager, etc.) has most of the following qualities:

Is Invested in your Practice and Believes in the Power of Social Media

An effective social media manager can’t project what they don’t possess. In every blog post and tweet there needs to be a sense this is a person who really cares about what they are writing. If your social media needs are fairly straightforward, a committed staff person can often do a better job than someone hired from the outside.

Engages Followers Patiently and with Care

A good social media manager is your front line of contact with many potential and current patients. That Tweet or blog comment they respond to may well be the difference in keeping or losing a patient. The number one reason given for client dissatisfaction is a sense no one is listening to them. It requires some real skill to communicate effectively with an on-line community knowing how and when to react.

Has Experience with Online Communications

Social media is quickly maturing and so are the people using it. Many of your patients and prospects use Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. At minimum, your social media manager must be as comfortable with the medium as those using your social media channels.

Is Creative

Creativity sets social media campaigns apart from the ever growing crowd. You need a person who can look at how other practices are using social media and think of ways for yours to stand out. Creativity combined with the ability to multitask is the winning combination for a winning social media manager.

Has the Mind of a Trendsetter

Online communities evolve and grow over time, exponentially. The person you choose should be someone willing to try new things by nature. Google+ may not be that big now but those who are going to make it work best are already ahead of the curve in using it. The earlier you begin, the more sure you are to be successful. Online communities often grow the fastest early in the adoption phase. Those who do it first tend to do it best.

Is Willing to be Learn

Webinars and social media workshops are relatively inexpensive and most are well worth the investment. Be sure and check out the practical credentials of anyone you look to for training. The most valuable guidance is practical and come from people who actually manage online communities and works with social media on a daily basis.

Thinks Like a Journalist

Well-written and timely content is the life blood of a Doctor 2.0 social media hub. Fresh news on the web has a very short shelf life. This is why blogging is central to a successful social media strategy. It allows social media managers to respond to breaking news by quickly and easily creating content that can be posted and shared by others on the Social Web. A social media manager must have the mindset of a daily news journalist.

Is Mobile

Good social media managers are comfortable with posting tweets and status comment from anywhere, anytime when needed. This doesn’t mean a staff person has to work extended over-time. Rather, this should be a person who is willing to think beyond the office, Monday – Friday.

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