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Author Archives: Tyler Weber

About Tyler Weber

Tyler is a graduate of Bethel University and was added as the Director of Public Relations in 2013. With a background in Non-Profit and Public Relations, Tyler enjoys refining his communication skills while working toward a “Big-Picture” purpose. In addition to staying on the cutting edge of communication, he does his best to see the person in every interaction. If you were to sit and have a conversation with him you would likely discuss a variety of diverse topics from tattoos to your ideal super power. You can follow Tyler at Google+

Starting and Building Your Local Search

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Local Month! I have been excited about the month of November because we are opening up a new topic to dig into with this month’s content, and that topic is Local Search. Many of our clients … Continue reading

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Costs and Benefits of becoming Google AdWords Certified

I recently started to look more deeply into being Google AdWords Certified. I had in fact heard about the certification prior to this deeper research, but after having a recent surge of initiative-taking and a desire to spontaneously learn, I … Continue reading

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Social Media Month Roundup

As we say goodbye to the month of September I wanted to compile some of the resources that we have provided into one place. Last month we focused on social media and how to make this free resource work for … Continue reading

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The Single Largest Opportunity for National Brands: The Local Web

Local search is huge, and the optimization of your local search results are becoming more and more important. With so many sites, apps, and maps integrating your location into their search results, this information is awesome to know. If you … Continue reading

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Interview with the President of Netgain Hosting, Scott Warzecha

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Scott Warzecha, the founder and president of Netgain Hosting. Mr. Warzecha founded Netgain in 2000 to deliver proactive IT services that would increase organizational productivity and decrease IT cost. “Purchasing new servers every … Continue reading

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Conducting Interviews to Better Your Brand

I am not a journalist or a reporter, and yet I conduct interviews on a regular basis. With no major experience you might be wondering why I choose to spend some of my time interviewing other people. We believe that … Continue reading

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The Future of the Internet – 2015 Infographic

  The internet is a ever-changing organism of information. Now that I think about it, it is probably the closest thing to a non-living living thing that we have today. (It makes sense in my head) What I mean is … Continue reading

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How to Manage Mistakes that Affect Your Audience

  It was Saturday, August 24th and I was sitting in the kitchen of my parents house while I was visiting for the weekend. I reached down to check my phone and I noticed an abnormal amount of emails in … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Infographics

When we surf the internet we are usually on the move. We like to be able to gather information quickly and get to the point. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for explanation, extensive information, … Continue reading

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Utilizing Your LinkedIn Profile by Posting Blog Content

I recently did an internet search of my own name, both in Google and Bing. It was interesting that the first things to come up are a couple of my social media profiles, namely my LinkedIn profile. I thought that … Continue reading

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