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10 Reasons a Professional Web Site is Vital for your Medical Marketing

It Makes you Always Available – Your web site makes you available all the time, anywhere. Someone can do an online search for a local cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation at 2:00 AM and still connect with you.

It is targeted – A well designed website enables you to market your practice to prospects or patients actively searching for a cosmetic surgeon.  A prospective patient browsing your website can get a feel for who you are before they ever call or meet you in person.  How well your website represents you determines whether or not this “just looking” prospect makes an appointment.

No Long-term Obligation – Traditional advertising requires contracts with large outlays of revenue. There are startup and maintenance costs for a professional web site but you are not bound by the same kind of long-term contracts common in other advertising.

Virtually Limitless Space – A website provides you the kind of space no brochure, business card or Yellow Pages ad can. When people are shopping for a medical professional online, the more information they can access about you and your practice, the better.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI) – A medical practice is like every other small business when it comes to the importance of ROI. The need to get the highest return on each dollar you spend on marketing is a priority. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI from email marketing is $45.06 for every dollar spent while every dollar invested with direct offline marketing brought in only $15.55.

Test-marketing Services and Promotions –When you publish content on your website, you can request feedback from patients by directly asking for it or through feedback forms. As a result, you will know whether your promotions resonate with your audience before spending a great deal of money on marketing it.

You Can Change Information Quickly – Once you have a brochure printed, that money is wasted if you don’t distribute them. But if more timely information becomes available you will have to expend more resources to get that new information out. When you rely solely on printed materials for marketing, you often end up with a pile of expensive, worthless paper. Updating your website is a different story altogether: no printer’s bill, no paper, no additional distribution costs. Web content gives you the flexibility no printed product can offer.

Online Directly Effects Offline – Marketing online directly affects business done offline. The decision to use your services is often made online long before a phone call for an appointment is made offline.

Eliminates Barriers – All patients and prospects have questions that they want answered before they call you for an appointment. Think of the typical questions you are asked in the past and post them with answers on your website. This will help eliminate many barriers a potential new patient may have in coming to see you.

Appeals to Private Pay Customers – Patients who don’t have insurance, or whose insurance doesn’t cover the services they need, will need to pay out of pocket. For these people, pricing information is important and they look for physicians who post their rates on their website. When you make this information available, you make it easier for the patient to choose you.

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